European Colonization of the Americas Timeline

European Colonization of the Americas Timeline

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  • c. 980 - c. 1030

    Norse settlement established in Newfoundland, North America, by Leif Erikson.

  • 1453

    The Ottoman Empire closes the overland Silk Road trade routes between Europe and the East, initiating the European Age of Discovery.

  • 1492 - 1504

    Christopher Columbus makes four voyages to the New World; opens the way for European colonization of the Americas.

  • 1500

    Brazil is claimed for Portugal by Pedro Álvares Cabral.

  • 1519 - 1521

    Hernán Cortés of Spain conquers the Aztec nation of Mexico.

  • 1534 - 1535

    North American region of Canada claimed for France by Jacques Cartier.

  • 1572

    The Inca of South America are conquered by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

  • 1587 - 1590

    English colony of Roanoke in North America established and fails.

  • 1607 - 1608

    English Popham colony established in present day state of Maine, North America; fails after 14 months.

  • 1607 - 1699

    Colony of Jamestown succeeds as the first permanent English settlement in North America.

  • 1609 - 1624

    Hudson River Valley and parts of present-day New York State and Canada claimed by Henry Hudson for the Netherlands.

  • 1620 - 1691

    Plymouth Colony established in modern-day Massachusetts, North America; foundational colony of the later United States.

  • 1697

    The conquest of the Maya Civilization completed by the Spanish conquistador Martín de Ursúa.