What did the Greeks call their gods while under Roman rule?

What did the Greeks call their gods while under Roman rule?

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I read this question and it made me think. The Romans "inherited" the Greek gods, they just gave them new names, but what happened in actual Greece after the Roman conquest of Greece? Did the Greek refer to their gods with Roman or Greek names? Any other changes in how the Greeks worshipped their gods after the conquest that can be derived from Roman religious influence?

The Romans did not "inherit" the Greek gods. The Romans practiced the interpretatio romana whereby they identified foreign gods as being their own under different names, just as the Greeks practices interpretatio graeca.

Religiously, they tended to use their own terms in their own languages, although it was not unknown for a Roman in Greece to write an inscription commemorating a sacrifice to "Jupiter, whom the Greeks call Zeus." It was also not known for epithets to be transferred -- as the Egyptians called Thoth "Thrice Great", Romans and Greeks would refer to Mercury "ter Maximus" or Hermes "Trismegistus."