Several wrecked Byzantine ships discovered

Several wrecked Byzantine ships discovered

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Turkey It is one of the most amazing places in the world in many ways and one of them is archeology. In this country, countless remains have been discovered that have provided a large amount of information about much historical value to the international community and we could say that it is a box of surprises because when we least expect it, some interesting news usually appears like the one that came to the fore several days ago.

In the many archaeological works that are being carried out in the Ottoman country, up to 37 shipwrecks dating back to Byzantine times. They have been found in an area known as Yenikapi, in Istanbul, where formerly the port of Constantinople.

These ships have a antiquity dating from the 5th to the 11th centuries and despite having spent so much time, and within what is possible, they are in a good state of conservation, which will allow researchers to know many details of those years.

Cemal Pulak, one of the archaeologists attached to the project, and belonging to the Institute of Nautical Archeology at Texas A&M University, stated that never before have so many shipwrecks been found together nor of so many different kinds of vessels and state of conservation.

According to the first investigations, two methods have been discovered regarding the construction of the boats. In one, the ship's hull was built first and the other in which the frame was first assembled and then the planks were attached, which reveals that at the time of construction there were already notable changes in shipbuilding.

In this way, the important process of creation of the boats has been discovered and also the functionality that they arrived or could have at the time, which provides important data on this field about the Byzantines, considering this find something of great Historical importance.

In the report that has been carried out so far, eight ships have been described, of which, six of them were classified as round ships, of which it is assumed that their movement was by means of sails. They had different lengths that ranged from 8 to almost 15 meters and the width ranged between 2.5 and 5 meters.

Now, to the mentions of Byzantine navigation worldFrom what was recorded through texts and some artistic representations, we must add this finding with which we will get closer to the Byzantine reality in this field.

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