They find wall paintings that tell the story of the crusaders in Jerusalem

They find wall paintings that tell the story of the crusaders in Jerusalem

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Recently Paintings telling the story of the Jerusalem Crusaders were discovered at Saint Louis Hospital. A leak in the water pipe in the building revealed the drawings that were hidden under the plaster and modern paint.

Following the find, curators went to the hospital and assisted the sisters in cleaning and stabilizing some of the wall paintings. These have the characteristic style of the decorations of the monumental church of the 19th century, in which the small details and motifs of the medieval art world stand out.

The Saint Louis Hospital It is a large two-story building built in the Renaissance and Baroque style and is located next to the Jerusalem Municipal Building. It is named after Saint Louis IX, King of France and head of the Seventh Crusade (1248-1254 AD) and was opened to the public in 1896. Currently not all areas of the building are open to visitors as it is used as a hospital and hospice for the chronically ill and terminally ill.

The hospital was founded by a French count, Comte Marie Paul Amédée de Piellat, an intellectual and devout Christian who visited Jerusalem on several occasions in the second half of the 19th century and where he died in 1925.

By Piellat was concerned about the scant Catholic presence in Jerusalem and by the growing power of the Greek Orthodox Church. This led him to build the hospital and, later, another complex for Christian pilgrims. De Piellat believed himself to be a descendant of the Crusaders and the last of Eloos, and he wanted to continue the work that his ancestors did nine hundred before.

Also an artist, De Piellat adorned the walls and ceilings of the hospital with paintings of the Crusader Knights along with which he painted the heraldry of the families of the French knights, their names and genealogy. In addition to adding the symbols of military orders and monastic orders.

During the First World War the Turks took over the building and covered the spectacular paintings with black paint. After the conflict De Piellat dedicated the rest of his life to removing the black paint and restoring the frescoes.

The work of De Piellat He regained interest when they made themselves known more with the glory they deserved. However, despite working for its conservation, exhibition and documentation, there are no intentions of turning the hospital into a mere tourist attraction.

Via Israel Antiquities Authority

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