They find the ship Santa María de Colón off the coast of Haiti

They find the ship Santa María de Colón off the coast of Haiti

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Five centuries after its shipwreck in the Caribbean Sea, archaeological experts claim to have found the Santa María, Christopher Columbus's flagship in the discovery of America.

Experts have found it off the north coast of Haiti, and it is probably one of the most important underwater discoveries in history.

Archaeological evidence and underwater topography strongly suggest that it is Columbus's flagship, the Santa María.”Explained Barry Clifford, one of America's most renowned underwater archaeologists. Its identification is being carried out through other discoveries made in 2003, which they suggested the location of the Santa Maria, in addition to having used the data that Christopher Columbus left in his diary.

The location of this ship has been known for 10 years, and it was even very well documented, but its true "identity”.

The evidence so far is substantial, being the right site according to the Columbus diary, and matches exactly according to marine topography associated with the sinking of the Santa María.

To this is added that the wreck, represented by a lot of ballast from the ships, it is exactly what you would expect from a ship the size of the Santa Maria.

Over several years, Clifford's team has achieved reduce nao search space to a very small area in which it was located, using marine magnetometers, scanning sonars and of course expert divers.

His initial intention was recover various objects that were discovered in the 2003 expedition, including a cannon from the time, to definitively confirm their origin, but when work began earlier this month they had already been looted.

I am convinced that a complete excavation of the wreck will provide us with the first archaeological evidence of the discovery of America.Clifford said.

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