Drones find 2,500-year-old petroglyphs in Utah

Drones find 2,500-year-old petroglyphs in Utah

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Some drones have a bad reputation due to the assumption that public opinion has about them about the espionage of society as well as their use in military conflicts. But nevertheless, These drones can be used to guide experts in the search for lost treasures and give them vision of inaccessible places.

The drones have revealed in the southern Utah an incredible collection of petroglyphs. The petroglyphs come to be engraved on rock typical of prehistoric peoples. They are believed to be the work of people belonging to the basketmaker culture, which lived more than 2500 years ago.

It was precisely in one of those inaccessible places, a ledge in a high canyon wall, where former soldier Bill Clary found the cave paintings, which shows that the petroglyphs could go unnoticed for thousands of years If it hadn't been for the drones.

Jerry Spangler, the archaeologist leading the investigation, said: “Some of these sites are so incredibly difficult to find that simply for security reasons we cannot reach them”. In addition, Spangler believes there may be hundreds of sites to investigate, although he has reservations about the layout of the sites and whether there will be anything left due to vandalism and looting.

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