La Gacha complex could be declared well cataloged for its cultural relevance

La Gacha complex could be declared well cataloged for its cultural relevance

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As reported by the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia, the Precise procedures to declare the La Gacha Complex Roman site as good for its cultural relevance.

The set of archaeological sites date from roman times and they are located east of the town of Puerto de Mazarrón. The Gacha, discovered in the early 70s, it is a rustic villa from the 2nd century BC. C that was devastated by fire and later rebuilt towards the last quarter of the 1st century BC. C, focusing its structures on metallurgical exploitation.

But in addition, the set includes the sites ofEl Florida, Finca del Tio Bartolo, Finca de Dª Petronila and the Cantera de la Playa del Mojón. In the case of the first, El Florida, remains of construction materials and a pavement made of opus signinum were found, a type of mortar made of lime mortar, sand and siliceous rock that was used mainly in hydraulic engineering works. A lime pavement with an inscription of beach pebbles was even found in the vicinity of a private estate that could be Punic.

Besides the cataloging of archaeological sitesIt is intended to inform private land owners so that they can conserve and guard the assets.

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