They find the oldest musical instrument

They find the oldest musical instrument

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Wasn't he already painting his facehomo sapiens sapiens? Didn't she decorate her body with drawings and ornaments made with the materials offered by her natural environment, to which she gave magical qualities and artistic meanings? Why shouldn't I make music then?

Some researchers and archaeologists have tried to answer this question, especially after the discovery in 2009 in southwestern Germany of the older musical instruments. Is about 35,000-year-old bone and ivory carved flutesbased on the results of radiocarbon analysis.

Of these, the most elaborate is about nine inches long (approximately 23 cm.) And is made with vulture wing bone. Like any modern flute, it consists of fine lines carved into the bone to position the fingers and adjust them appropriately, and a V-shaped opening at one end through which the sound would be blown.

The historical value of these objects is impressive, given that confirm the possible existence of artistic intentions and musical expression already in the times of our most direct ancestors. In short, a new form of leisure and artistic transmission even when mere survival occupied most of the time of these populations. The instruments were found in a cave, among skeletons of mammoths and bears and sheets of flint stone.

Along with these findings, other types of works of art have been found, such as sculpture of a nude woman carved in ivory mammoth, confirming the production of sophisticated artistic works. In this type of decorative objects, without an apparent function other than the artistic and ornamental, although often loaded with religious connotations, it is where some researchers see the link between the way of thinking and current of the ancient hominids and that of man current.

As the anthropologist Edward Hagen of Washington State University in Vancouver stated,“Emotionally, you can see and recognize this object; you can see it's a flute; imagine that you play it yourself, imagine that you make it yourself. In essence, it is a connection between us and the people who lived 35,000 years ago.

There are multitude of theories about when the music appeared. Darwin already thought that music was a way of giving individuals more opportunities to attract relationships and reproduce. Others believe that it originates as a way of demonstrating the strength and unity of the group. And even that music is a by-product of the development of other cognitive skills such as language.

In the opinion of Professor Nicholas Conrad of the University of Tuebingen, one of the researchers of these musical gadgets, music would serve as a source of strengthening social ties and communication and these instruments would be one more sample of the innovative talent of the last hominids.

Not only have this kind of utensils for making music been found in Germany, but also in other places in Europe such as France and Austria, although those found here do not exceed 30,000 years old. One more sample that we are not really that different from those, without a doubt not very primitive, men of Prehistory.

Romantic, in the artistic sense of the word. In my adolescence both family and friends reminded me over and over that I was an inveterate humanist, as I spent time doing what perhaps others not so much, believing myself to be Bécquer, immersed in my own artistic fantasies, in books and movies, constantly wanting to travel and explore the world, admired for my historical past and for the wonderful productions of the human being. That is why I decided to study History and combine it with Art History, because it seemed to me the most appropriate way to carry out the skills and passions that characterize me: reading, writing, traveling, researching, knowing, making known, educating. Disclosure is another of my motivations, because I understand that there is no word that has real value if it is not because it has been transmitted effectively. And with this, I am determined that everything I do in my life has an educational purpose.

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