Castro de Croa could have suffered irreparable damage

Castro de Croa could have suffered irreparable damage

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According to the environmental group Adenco, the archaeological site of Castro de Croa It could have suffered irreparable damage due to the large earth movements of the machines in the area.

Castro is a site that is located on the banks of the Tea River, in the parish of Ribadetea, and has a complex network of parapets and moats as well as it could host an area rich in gold resources.

The Councilor for Culture, Andrés Sanpedro, has ordered the stoppage of works in the territory. However, the environmental group Adenco demands responsibilities from the competent authorities in addition to the corresponding sanctions for the destruction of this "patrimonial asset with comprehensive protection ". He also pointed out that this site could be a source of economic income for the region, through guided tours.

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