Another vampire skeleton found in Bulgaria

Another vampire skeleton found in Bulgaria

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Archaeologists at the Perperikon site in Bulgaria they have found the skeleton of a man with a sharpened plow on his chest, a discovery described as “twin of the vampire Sozopol”According to Professor Nikolai Ovcharov.

This find quickly caught the attention of the media, who described the phenomenon as the “medieval vampire"But such burials have been found in Bulgaria before, with iron stakes anchored in the hearts of the intellectuals, subjected to burial rites. According to the superstitious Europeans of the Middle Ages, these victims were suspected of communicating with Satan.

It appears to be the first discovery of its kind so far discovered in Perperikon. The archaeologists have not finished the explorations yet, despite taking a decade in the excavations, since the site was populated since the Iron Age and reached the Middle Ages.

At this site coins have been found with the body, which can date from the 13th and 14th centuries. According to Ovcharov, the skeletal remains belong to a man between 35 and 40 years old. "He is a twin of the vampire Sozopol because to his left, between his neck and chest, there is a plow. On other occasions we have found nails and tips, but there is no other case known so far like this one from Sozopol. It is a ritual to prevent the undead”, Communicated the professor.

The remains of this vampire They have returned to town earlier this summer, along with a bust for facial reconstruction. According to the director of the Museum of National History in Sofia and a native of Sozopol, Bozhidar Dimitrov, the vampire could be a historical figure.

Perhaps the pirate Krivich, who lived in the 13th century and seems to have been mayor of the city.

Famous Bulgarian archaeologist Ovcharov has conducted archaeological excavations in Perperikon for 13 years and declared before the summer that he hoped to complete the work on the Perperikon acropolis this season, in which they have focused on a large altar from the first millennium BC and on a medieval bishop's palace dating from the XIII and XIV centuries.

Perperikon is found in the Rhodopes region, in eastern Bulgaria, and houses a site with various religious remains that date back 7,000 years. Hence, it is a tourist attraction that can still provide more discoveries.

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