52,000-year-old jungle under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

52,000-year-old jungle under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

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Under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is a virgin forest that nature has conserved for more than 50,000 years.

Buried for centuries under oceanic sediments, in 2005 the Great Hurricane Katrina brought to light this part of nature discovered in 2012 and recently released to the public. The find was confirmed when a team of divers dived 60 meters deep, finding a primitive cypress forest that was at least a mile wide. Apparently the ecosystem progressed even without oxygen for more than 12,000 years.

Scientists from Louisiana State University conducted tests on the samples that the divers had brought to the surface, turning out to be of 52,000 years ago. These data mean that the trees had existed in a period prior to the Ice Age.

However, now, after being uncovered, researchers think that the forest will not live for more than two years since it is exposed to the aggressions of the sea and marine life.

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