New finds in the excavations of Sant Pau de Riu-Sec de Sabadell

New finds in the excavations of Sant Pau de Riu-Sec de Sabadell

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New remains belonging to the 11th and 12th centuries have been discovered during the last excavation campaign in the area of Sant Pau de Riu-Sec of Sabadell (Barcelona). Among the remains are grain storage silos from the Middle Ages that could be part of the granaries of the ecclesiastical Sagrera of the Roman church.

Excavation has also been carried out at the levels of use and abandonment in the areas belonging to the farm between the 12th and 13th centuries, the works of which, although they started in 2011, are still to be completed.

During the campaign they have recovered large amount of materials from the 13th and 14th centuries Among which are iron elements belonging to arrows, part of a bronze buckle and even culinary ceramic containers and tableware.

The conclusions made so far show how during the 200 years of Templar rule there was a great economic prosperity of which until now hardly was known.

Work started in 2007 As a result of an urban operation, they will be continued during future campaigns through a combination of training and internships for archeology students, led by the institutions of the City of Sabadell, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Catalan Institute of Classical Archeology.

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