Pope Celestine V was not assassinated

Pope Celestine V was not assassinated

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Pietro Angeleri di Murrone He was born in Molise, a region in northern Italy, who entered the Benedictine order as a monk in 1232, at the monastery of Santa Maria in Faifoli. From the beginning he showed himself akin to the purification of his spirit through deprivation of material pleasures and abstinence.

In 1239 decided to become a hermit, and located his home in a cave on Mount Morrone, where he remained completely isolated from the world for 5 years.

Later moved to another cave in a mountain in the Abruzzo region, where he founded with two companions, the order of the Celestinians in 1244.

At that time a papal void existed in the catholic church as there was no consensus on who should occupy the chair of Saint Peter. After arduous deliberations, they decided that the best person to access the position was Pietro Angeleri, which was crowned in the city of L´Aquila. He tried to flee his fatal fate, but it was not possible, since about 200,000 people came to the mountain after learning of his appointment. He did not want to move to Rome, as was the papal tradition, and installed his headquarters in Naples.

It came to be called Celestino V, but his pontificate was very short. After five months decided he was not prepared to act as Pope and she wanted to go back to her former hermit life. Consulting with an expert in canon law about his resignation, he decided that the only way was to create a law that would allow him to abdicate. He did so. His post was quickly filled by the cardinal Benedict Caetani, which took the name of Boniface VIII.

The new pope decided to move to Rome, but his wish was that Celestino will accompany you, as he feared that his enemies would reveal themselves to his rise. After Celestino's refusal and his failed attempt to escape to Mount Morrone, he was arrested and imprisoned in Fumone Castle. Mal lived in his den for ten months, until his death.

Until very recently, Celestino was believed to have been killed with a nail to the head, since its skull has a square hole in the front. But recent studies have shown that this wound was conferred on the skeleton years later, when there was no longer any skin involved. Therefore, some of the thieves who have desecrated his remains throughout history, which have been many, must have made the cleft.

One of the reasons that possibly led to the perforation of the skull was that it was written in history that this man was murdered, and did not die by natural death. What is evident is that his death was induced by Bonifacio, due to the subhuman conditions to which he was subjected during his confinement.

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