Archaeological remains in danger on a cliff in Portugal

Archaeological remains in danger on a cliff in Portugal

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A skeleton dating from the 15th or 16th centuries has been found in a place in Portugal, specifically on the beach of Santa Eulalia in Albufeira, in which it is thought that there may be an important medieval cemetery.

It is not the first time remains of corpses are found in this place. What is striking about this skeleton is that it was buried in a different position from the others, from east to west instead of north to south, although both positions correspond to Christian rituals.

The arms of what is believed to have been a man are located over the abdominal area. The grave has been quickly removed from the cliff to study it in more depth, because the place is undergoing stabilization works as a result of the landslides that have been caused by the rains during the winter.

In addition to the skeleton, the remains of a garum factory, a kind of Roman sauce highly appreciated and that as a consequence, was exported to various parts of the world. Many other objects such as glasses, goblets, jugs or amphoras from the Roman period have also been previously found.

It is expected to collect the maximum amount of information possible in a very short period of time since a large area of ​​the cliff is condemned to disappear, since it is not possible to create stability in the cliff without reducing its edges. All the relics that are found will be sent to the Municipal Museum of Albufeira.

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