New hypothesis: modern humans ate Neanderthals

New hypothesis: modern humans ate Neanderthals

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One of the new hypotheses faced by anthropologists in Spain is whether our closest extinct relative was exterminated in the same way as 178 other animals, that is, due to the hungry human hunters.

Except in its native Africa, Homo sapiens may have been considered an invasive species on other continents”, Explain the researchers Policarpo Hortolà and Bienvenido Martínez-Navarro, from the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona, Spain.

Today there are countless cases of invasive species so perhaps at the end of the Pleistocene the same situation occurred when humans spread across Europe and Asia, where the Homo neanderthalensis it was just another large, slow-evolving mammal.

There are many similar examples, as is the case of Saber-toothed tiger that disappeared due to a close relationship between the species in Eurasia, or we also find the case of the extinction of the giant hyena that coincides with the appearance on the scene of the spotted hyena.

Of course this they are just assumptions and that there is no clear evidence that Homo sapiens followed the same path as other African predators.

The only way to test this would be by finding human tooth marks on another relative. Interesting fact since in reality the Neanderthal remains with cut marks are generally found in deposits filled with Neandental objects and not human objects, which could mean that the hypothesis is true.

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