5,000 cave paintings found in Mexico

5,000 cave paintings found in Mexico

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A team of archaeologists has found in northeastern Mexico almost 5,000 cave paintings in thousands of rocks and caves in the Sierra de San Carlos, in the municipality of Burgos (Tamaulipas).

In them appear both people like animals, and various abstract and astronomical scenes, all painted in yellow, black and red. "They have an impressive degree of conservation”, Expressed the archaeologist Martha García Sánchez.

Historians and archaeologists are puzzled, as it was always believed that this area was uninhabited in ancient timesAlthough this discovery makes them think that there was more than one prehistoric group of gatherers and hunters. "The importance of this lies in the fact that we have been able to document the presence of pre-Hispanic groups in Burgos, where it was previously said that there was nothing”, Explained the archaeologist.

“In the Cueva de los Caballos - he added as an example - we recorded more than 1,550 images; but we need to analyze the cultural component of the paintings because there a mitote is represented. In the Cueva del Indio we find atlatl representations (Pre-Hispanic weapon, used for hunting), which had not been found in the rock art of Tamaulipas either "

Still remains date the paintings, something complex as there is no document or data from the time, but they will take samples of the pigments to determine the date of creation through radiocarbon or chemical methods.

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