Parietal remains from the year 3,000 BC are found. on Mount Montgó

Parietal remains from the year 3,000 BC are found. on Mount Montgó

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The Cirne de Xàbia foundation, chaired by Enric Martínez, began in 2009 the excavation in a site of the Montgó cliffs which turned out to be a burial shrine that dates back to 3,000 BC (eneolithic period).

In the first stratum, they unearthed the funeral packages of 8 people that the German University of Meinz is analyzing for a possible family link between the remains dating from 2,600 BC.

In a second layer made, about 20 cm below the first, more tombs with an antiquity of 400 years more than the previous ones have been discovered”Affirm archaeologists Joan de Déu Boronat and Joaquín Bolufer, which has turned the cave into a box of archaeological surprises from which researchers expect unearth the mysteries of the Cova del Barranc del Migdia.

In this last excavation campaign, a piece of ceramic has appeared that belongs to a parietal style vessel that they will try to reconstruct in order to know how the cave paintings that reflect the said cave. Bone needles, stone axes, perfectly carved marine necklaces and arrowheads have also come to light that were part of the grave goods of the bodies and a metal awl that seems to come from abroad.

Finally, the difficult access to the cave It involves the use of 3D technology that allows the visualization of the cave of the narrow claustrophobic corridors, images with which a 36-minute documentary has been mounted that will be presented at the Barakaldo scientific film festival.

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