The Greco-Roman Museum of Alexandria opens its doors again

The Greco-Roman Museum of Alexandria opens its doors again

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Thanks to a cultural cooperation project between Italy and Egypt, through the contribution of eight million dollars, the Greco-Roman Museum of Alexandria will reopen its doors after being outdated for eight years.

The museum, closed in 2005, was founded in 1892 by the Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Botti and was under Italian direction until 1952.

The project signature it took place in Cairo under the watchful eye of Italian experts such as Edda Bresciani and Antonio Giammarusti. Both have dedicated a large part of their lives to unveil the mysteries of ancient Egypt, with this act they intend to deepen their knowledge and preserve a large part of our history through work in the archaeological sites of Saqqara and Medinet Madi.

Part of the funding will come from a replacement of Italian debt.

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