8th-century idol found in India

8th-century idol found in India

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A stone idol of Mahaveer historically located in the 8th century AD It has been found near a temple in the town Swaminathapuram (India), on the banks of the Amaravathi River.

The idol it maintains dimensions of five meters in height and four in width, having been carved in white granite stone. With a halo around his head and two cobras at his sides, Mahaveer sits with his legs bent and crossed in front of his torso.

Covering his head is what appear to be three umbrella-shaped figures. Although the face is slightly disfigured, the umbrella and the arch behind it are in good condition.

The excavation site is located at Pandia Kongu, where after the discovery it is confirmed that Jainism flourished in these regions in times past.

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